Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Golf Course Update

If we can ever get consistent weather, more people can enjoy this property as much as myself and our staff does. The staff has been busy getting the course into summer shape. Besides our daily mowing activities, we have sprayed all herbicides for broad leaf weeds, and we have edged all the distant markers. The flower beds are also getting weeded and mulched and we plan to finish the bunker on #1 and add sand to the other renovated bunkers within the coming weeks.  Drainage is also being updated to improve playability in some ares and our equipment manager has been busy too putting new lights on some of the equipment. Below are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Flower bed at #13 tee turn around

Flower bed behind #13 ladies tee

#14 fairway looking back toward tees

View from #10 white tee

Eagle eye LED light bulbs

LED lights mounted to greens roller

View of #18 fairway

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Check Plot on the 15th putting green

Golf course superintendent's have to treat all areas of the golf course to provide the best possible playing conditions. These treatments consist of fertilizers, pesticides, and wetting agents. With certain products it is a good idea to create what is known as a check plot. Check plots can give you an idea of how well products are working for you. In the pictures below I have created a check plot on our 15th putting green. I created this particular check plot by laying down a piece of plywood in the same place every time this green is treated. You can see in the pictures below what has happened to this area over time.

March 29th notice how green everything was coming out of winter
April 14th notice how yellow everything looked after frost and cold weather

April 17th starting to see effect of first fertility application
April 27th spraying second fertility spray

Effects of second fertility spray April 30th
After third fertility spray on May 5th

Closer look at the check plot, photo taken on May 7th

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Irrigation start-up

Every spring we start up the irrigation system at Metamora Golf and Country Club. Unlike fall when we remove the water with a large air compressor we fill the entire system with water. It typically takes us an entire day to fill the system with water and get things under operating pressure. In the spring, soils are soft and if you rush the start up, pipe, fitting and heads can move and leaks can be the result. Several days are then spent removing air, testing the irrigation satellites and the sprinkler heads themselves. Another thing I like to do is inspect isolation valves. These valves are used to shut off water to certain areas of the golf course so repairs can be made with out shutting down the entire system. We also use spring time to make sure we are stocked with the proper repair parts, when leaks or other problems with the system arise. Below are several pictures.

Leak from late last fall being dug for repair
Isolation valve top being cleaned

Valve boxes leveled
Sprinkler heads on #13 being tested

Broken valve box removed

New valve box instillation
Irrigation parts inventory

Monday, March 28, 2016


Collars are an area of the green that can sometimes lose their size and shape over time. We are reclaiming the uniformity of the collars and narrowing the width to 22 inches.  This width will be consistent for every collar on the golf course except the nursery green. The nursery green collar will be left a bit wider in case we ever need to harvest from it in the future. To narrow the collar we have to scalp part of the old collar down a little at a time and Spring and Fall is the best time to do this. I prefer Spring because there is usually plenty of moisture for the plants and heat stress is normally a non-issue.  In the pictures below you can see the new width of the collars.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Golf Course Opening this Weekend

The golf course will open this weekend for play with cart paths only. Rain and warmer temperatures tomorrow will melt remaining snow, but it will be wet as you can imagine. Please refrain from hitting shots from newly sodded bunkers. Sod was laid late last fall and barely began to root. This time of year grass isn't growing and will not be able to handle foot traffic within and around the bunkers.  We are fortunate to be able to play golf this early, but please respect the course and the cart path only rule. We will see you out on the course soon!