Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tree Removal on Hole 10

Some of you have noticed we have removed quite a few trees around the 10th green in the past year. This was not just a random selection just to cut down trees. The trees were chosen with careful consideration and strategy. The reason was to give the 10th green much needed morning sunlight, more air circulation and to promote Creeping Bentgrass. Morning sunlight is the most critical sunlight to golf course putting surfaces. During the shoulder seasons when frost delays are common, tree removal will allow you to get on the course a bit sooner too. With the help of an app on my iPhone, this app allowed me to view the path of the sun at any time. The pictures below will help explain this.

Trees shading the green in the morning hours

Sun path with trees
Some trees removed providing some sun
Sun path with trees removed

How it looks now

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