Friday, May 9, 2014

Course update and a friendly reminder

I think the weather has finally turned the corner and Spring is finally here. I guess it's better to be late than never. As we move forward into the 2014 golf season I wanted to keep you updated on things around the course. As many of you are aware, we have suffered minor "Winter Kill" damage to some of our greens. With the weather we had the last few weeks recovery has been slow. It is important to understand we have opted not to spray for Poa annua (Annual Bluegrass) seed heads. The chemicals used in seed head suppression are growth regulators. The use of these chemicals would set recovery back even further.

I would also like to remind everyone to PLEASE fix ball marks and replace any divots. I posted a sign on the water cooler hut in regards to our preferred divot pattern for use on the driving range tees. The range tees are small and this method would keep the tees in better condition.

As you know some of our greens have water near by and geese will usually walk up near and on the greens when golfers aren't around to forage. We have attached fishing line to the hazard stakes to discourage the geese from leaving their droppings on or near the greens.


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