Sunday, May 8, 2016

Check Plot on the 15th Putting Green

Golf course superintendent's have to treat all areas of the golf course in order to provide the best possible playing conditions. These treatments consist of fertilizers, pesticides, and wetting agents. With certain products it is a good idea to create what is known as a "check plot." Check plots can give you an idea of how well products are working. The pictures (below) show a check plot I have created on our 15th putting green. I created this particular check plot by laying down a piece of plywood in the same place every time the green is treated which then allows one can recognize how the treatments are faring.

March 29th notice how green everything was coming out of winter
April 14th notice how yellow everything looked after frost and cold weather

April 17th starting to see effect of first fertility application
April 27th spraying second fertility spray

Effects of second fertility spray April 30th
After third fertility spray on May 5th

Closer look at the check plot, photo taken on May 7th

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