Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Metmora's Irrigation System & Spring's Restart

Every Spring we "restart" the irrigation system at Metamora Golf and Country Club. I say restart with an ironic nod to the inherently seasonal cycles of golf course maintenance. Unlike the Autumnal months, when we remove the water with a large air compressor, the Spring requires us to fill the entire system. It typically takes us a day to do this and get the lines under operative pressure; however, because the Spring's seasonal soils are soft, and the residual effects of the harsh shifting soils of winter unpredictable and indifferent, if you rush the start up, then the pipe fittings and heads can move and leaks can easily result. Afterwards, if all goes well, several days are spent removing air and testing the irrigation satellites and sprinkler heads. Another thing I like to do is inspect the isolation valves which allow us to shut off water to certain areas of the golf course.  Doing so allows us to make repairs without shutting down the entire system. We also use the early days of Spring to insure that we are stocked with the proper repair parts in case unforeseen leaks, or other problems in the irrigation system, arise. Below are several pictures.

Leak from late last fall being dug for repair
Isolation valve top being cleaned

Valve boxes leveled
Sprinkler heads on #13 being tested

Broken valve box removed

New valve box instillation
Irrigation parts inventory

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