Sunday, June 5, 2016

Course update

Every spring a flush of growth in turf occurs, it is evident by all the seeds the bluegrasses produce this time of year. This flush of growth is triggered by rising soil temperatures. We are not neglecting the roughs, the grass just grows really fast this time a year and it's very difficult to keep up with it. Certain areas of the golf course like greens, tees and fairways we will treat with growth regulators in routine sprays, but it's not feasible to apply them to our roughs.

Snapping turtles begin to move around the first week of June to lay their eggs. They like to lay eggs in easy digging soils and bunkers make very good spots for them.  Snapping turtles can get pretty large and can inflict a very painful and damaging bite.  For the safety of yourselves and these impressive turtles, it is best to leave them alone.

We finally got the drainage and the sod liner installed in the bunker left of #1 green.  Please do not hit golf shots from inside the bunker. For the sod liner to work, sod needs to stay in place, divots can lead to liner failing in the divot area. These areas are marked ground under repair, so please remove ball and take your free drop outside of the bunkers. The sand will be added once the sod knits together and forms a solid barrier. For more information please follow this link

In the coming days, we will be adding the irrigation to the driving range tee expansion. We will need to add almost 200 feet of irrigation line, 3 full circle irrigation heads and enough wire to get us to the controller in the back the driving range.

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