Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Driving Range tee and golf course update.

The maintenance staff has added 3 irrigation heads to the driving range which will cover the tee expansion and the sloped grass area around the driving range tee. We have removed the cart path and the tee expansion will provide over 4,500 square feet of teeing space. We have decided to hydro-seed the slope that surrounds the tee expansion. Hydro-seeding is done with a machine that spreads seed, fertilizer and mulch to the selected area. The soil along the slope is very loose in the top inch or so (sandy) and hydro-seeding is the most effective way to successfully plant grass seed in this type of soil. The mulch that goes in the hydro seeding mix retains moisture, during and after the germination of the seed. We have also stock piled aeration plugs, that have been decomposing for a couple of seasons that will provide the base for the teeing surface itself. We will be seeding the teeing surface with creeping bentgrass. We hope to have the expansion done by the end of next week. It will take several weeks to have this area open, but will be a great addition to the existing range tee.

If you have played golf in the past two weeks you may have noticed really small holes in the greens. These holes are caused by small tines on our aerator that are referred to as needle tines or venting tines. This type of aeration provides oxygen and nutrients to the root zone during the season with very, minimal disruption. This process also allows for some compaction relief and helps the breakdown of unwanted organic matter. I would like to perform this activity monthly and in conjunction to our topdressing program. This activity does not disrupt play in anyway and once the green is mowed or rolled you can't even tell we did anything.

Below are some pictures to help explain what we are doing.

Adding irrigation lines
Head and swing joint attached to pipe

Teeing surface being leveled
The size of Creeping bentgrass seed

Needle tines on greens
Putting surface after we roll

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